First we would like to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated, entered, and voted in our 2014 End of the Year Awards.  Again we do these awards so that those who stand out in our film industry can receive recognition.  Below you will find our 2014 winners for our Film Photographer of the Year, Emerging Film Photographer of the Year and Film Image of the year! Congrats to our winners!!


2014 Film Photographer of the Year

Erich Mcvey

I’m based in Oregon, where I live with my beautiful and talented wife, Amy, who is always by my side as office manager, film loader, assistant and better half. We predominantly shoot weddings, but also do a fair amount of portrait and editorial work, with jobs taking us all over the US and abroad (luckily, we both love to travel!).​ ​Shooting film inspires me, allows me to best achieve the look and feel I want for my work, and gives me the opportunity to connect with my clients during shoots in a way I don’t think I could if I was shooting digital. Shooting film makes me a better photographer, and a more fulfilled artist.


 2014 Emerging Film Photographer of the Year

Michael & Carina Bethea

We started our adventure together 11 years ago as international penpals before eloping and moving to Germany, where we started our business in 2011. In 2012, we moved to America and started shooting film! We believe in creating timeless, elegant images using film for our clients as a full-time husband-wife wedding photography team. We love travel, old cameras, and our four pets.

2014 Image of the Year
Lauren Peele

2014 Image of the Year Runner up
Clayton Austin

2014 Image of the Year Runner up
Rebecca Lindon