Belle Lumière is a print magazine, online journal, educational platform, and community that features and supports photographers who shoot and capture film. When translated Belle Lumière means “beautiful light” in French and we proudly showcase that beautiful light only film can capture. The French translation was not only decided on because of the beauty of the language, but also because France is where chemical photography was invented and the first ever portrait was captured in Paris, circa 1838.

Belle Lumière also offers educational workshops and journal entries as we are always striving to help photographers find their voice in the film community. We truly believe by having a supportive community who helps and encourages others we house a foundation for a better and stronger industry and continue in helping keep film alive. Lexi Clifford (formally Vornberg), Belle Lumière’s founder, started this community because of her interest and attraction to the look of and process of shooting film. Lexi’s film journey also started during the same time and she enjoys continuing to learn by surrounding herself with different cameras, films, and artists in the community. She also strongly enjoys being a part of others film journeys and promoting education and community.

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