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Georgina Harrison  |  Beck Hole – North Yorkshire , UK  |

The beginning of Autumn, one of my absolute favourite times. The tress and are bursting with fruit/berries the colours are changing and the light is beautiful – and in this case the pigs are ready! My talented friend Adam Prest and I hocked up and went to a really beautiful quaint little village near where I live and often walk my dog. On my dog walk route I always notice these pigs in this area bursting with life and beauty.

Adam is a pig farmers son and we had talked about doing a shoot inspired by Autumn and nature , thus the shoot came to life. Massive shout out to the extremely lovely and kind Neil & Glynis who the pigs belong to and who’s garden we kindly borrowed. Neil was also a star and kept the pigs fed with crab apples while we managed to get some shots. Adam also crafted a couple of stunning Autumn displays mixing seasonal tones and berries and as ever in Adam style putting them in found objects and bringing them to life. ” – Georgina

Florals – Adam Prest