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Cassie Xie  |  Cannon Beach, OR  |

Our inspiration words were “playful, carefree, romantic, authentic, soul reflection”. We used these photos to tell a story of two people finding what it meant to simply escape with one another. The details of this shoot included pressed flowers and journal entries that this couple had slowly collected over their time together. The weather conditions that day were quite challenging to shoot in and very true to the Oregon Coast spirit. Despite the approaching rain clouds, Jordan and Annelise walked calmly hand in hand into the unknown, knowing that whatever came their way, they would always have each other. ” – Cassie

Photographer ​Workshop Instructor – Donny Zavala Photography
Creative Director​ & Stylist – Utterly Engaged
Floral Designer & Stylist – Selva Floral
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist – Kate Tuma
Wedding Gown – Claire La Faye
Suiting – Duchess Clothier​
Rings – Susie Saltzman
Paper Goods & Calligraphy​ – Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
Surface Styling Boards​​ – Emma Natter​
​Model – Muse Management​​