” In this fast paced world and industry, where everything we do is centered around convenience and quick turnaround time, film photography is emerging once again to remind us of our past. With a new presence and influence, artists all over the world are recognizing that sometimes the old ways are the best ways, the beauty is undeniable, and the process is so intimate. Connecting with film in a profound way has helped me go beyond creating something beautiful and has helped me produce things that are real and full of sentiment.” – Kylie Martin Photography Vol. VII

Belle Lumère is beyond excited to announce our seventh workshop at the lovely Pipping Hill Farm and Vineyard outside Charlottesville, VA on September 6th and 7th 2017.  We have an amazing creative team and vision lined up for this event that revolves around community and film education.  Our workshops are best suited for the photographer who wants to learn to shoot film, has been shooting film for a while but hasn’t quiet been satisfied or figured it out completely, or the photographer who has stepped away from film for a while and wants to come back to it.  Above you will find our workshops information PDF that goes over our creative team, each day, testimonials, and investments.  But if you have any questions after looking over the packet please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We also want to announce that for all our 2017 workshops, the actual workshop does not end after everyone goes home. No, the group and community that we create during our two days will continue on in a private group set up just for our attendees for each individual event. This way questions can be asked, images can be shared, and you will have a support group behind you for your film journey.

We look forward to being part of your own film Journey!