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Justine Wright  |  Safety Harbor, FL  |  justinewrightphoto.com

” The light was beautiful when I met up with Jennalee and her daughter, Reese, for their “mommy and me” session in the park. It was hot, and humid – typical of Florida in the summertime – but that didn’t stop these two from thoroughly enjoying the evening! Jennalee and Reese have a unique relationship, so despite the uncomfortable moisture in the air, I was so excited to capture the dynamic between the two. Reese, a competitive dancer, leapt through the park, pausing ever so often to smile for my camera and give her mother big hugs while Jennalee watched proudly. I have photographed a variety of different relationships, but motherhood continues to be a favorite of mine, as I firmly believe, from what I’ve seen and experienced with my own mother, that there is no bond quite like it. I just love how the light that evening seemed to illuminate Jennalee’s love for her daughter”