It’s always so refreshing to spend time learning and growing with others who truly love this artform as much as you do.  When you are surrounded by such joyful and supportive creatives you not only get to soak up all the knowledge they share and get to capture all the beauty they create, but you are full-heartedly supported by them while doing it.  This is why we truly believe that having a supportive community which helps and encourages others is the foundation for a better and stronger industry, and the key to keeping film alive. This is the foundation that all our workshops are based on.

For twenty-sixteen we wanted to continue with this philosophy by creating three opportunities for artists to come out and learn to shoot film, be re-inspired, and be part of a supportive community.   Hopefully you will have a chance to watch our breathtaking video from Bubblerock of our first workshop at the amazing Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard to get a taste of what our events are like.  Below that you will find a link to view images from past workshops and a link to download our 2016 workshop information packet. Inside this packet you will find all the information you need to know about our three upcoming workshops, testimonials from past attendees, and information on our online workshops.